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Started by Bach, June 24, 2019, 05:31:01 PM

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I hope writing helped, Bach, and the session goes well. :hug:

Papa Coco

Hey Bach,

I hope your therapy appointment goes well. If you need to talk, I'm wide open. I am not a stranger to family stress. I've dealt with suicide, murder, robbery...and that's just the beginning of the stories I have of the monsters who raised me.

I won't ever ask you to share any details of your story with me, but if you want to just vent your frustrations, I'm offering to let you vent on me. I may have felt, or am still feeling, some similar stressors as what you're going through now.


Hello, friends.  Just a quick update here.  My mother problems have been temporarily superseded by a new stressor:  My Person and I have decided to buy a bigger house with a gorgeous property in a town about 15 miles west of where we currently live.  I'm excited about this but also extremely anxious.  It's my job in the relationship to deal with the communications and paperwork for these kinds of business matters.  I don't mind doing it but I am hoping that the nausea and other physical symptoms I have been suffering since we made this decision on Friday will abate soon.  We won't be closing on the house until mid-February, and then of course there will be moving and selling our current house, and the thought of feeling like this for the next several months is pretty scary!


sending vibes of strength and ease as you navigate this new endeavor, bach.  love and hugs :hug:


Best wishes Bach - you got this.


Tons of empathy from me as I just had to navigate a small portion of what's on your plate with selling my mom's house. Even though I am terrible with paperwork and finances and legal stuff I had to deal with it all and it was very stressful. I just pretended to be ok with it and got through.

Buying and selling a house and moving is a huge stressor. Hang in there. It's a long time between now and February so take it easy during some of the downtime and I'll be waiting for you to cross the finish line and be settled in a new beautiful home.


Hi Bach,
You have a lot on your plate at the moment, and I wish you strength and also send you a hug  :hug:
Hope  :)


Happy New Year to all my friends here!  Sending care and love and warm good wishes to all of you for 2022.
:fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:

I have started a new journal in anticipation of the big changes I have coming in the new year, and hope to be around here a bit more.