Chuckle for the Day

Started by Kizzie, March 17, 2023, 02:52:33 PM

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I know right?  I have watched it three times and still am lovin it.


Omg Kizzie that was awesome!
I am at work and by myself (Thank Lord). I was just going "Aww... hahaha.... awww.... awwww.... hahaha" through the whole post  ;D

Also the youtube video about the service dog training was so funny!!  ;D  ;D

Thank you for these!! My dog is also a Roomba and cleans up any food scraps that fall on the floor  ;D 


I know they are too funny and cute aren't they?!  My H has gotten used to me laughing and awwwwing in the bedroom at bedtime (I go to bed before him as he is a night owl).  I can just picture you doing that in the office.  :whistling: