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Please Introduce Yourself Here / Hi I'm new
March 27, 2017, 03:13:45 AM
I am a 50+ woman and last night was the 1st time I ever heard of C-PTSD and I'll tell you what I cried my eyes out and at the same time am finally relieved to have read such an excellent article describing almost exactly how I've felt & what I've been going through all my life!  I was horribly physically abused many times a day, everyday since I was a toddler (and probably since I was born). I finally got the courage to runaway when I was 15 and never spoke to her again!  I did alot of partying early on and have been in & out of the jug every few years up until about 10 yrs ago. During this past 10 years I have lost a ton of people whom I considered my family (illnesses, car wrecks, etc.)  And in the midst of all that the unthinkable happened... my oldest son, who was always the apple of my eye, very successful & intelligent turned into a really drug addict and lost everything he worked so hard for, including me & his little brother.  My boys are my only family & I felt like I have had about a thousand nervous breakdowns these past 7 or 8 maybe 9 years.  Life hasn't been enjoyable... Anyway, there's more but that should suffice for my intro for now.