No-frills retreats?

Started by saylor, February 21, 2020, 09:17:57 PM

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Does anyone know of any retreats for trauma survivors (esp. CPTSD) that aren't the super-fancy, exotic-location, heavily staffed, super-expensive sort, but rather something more low-key and humble? I've been searching online for possibilities, but all that come up seem to be pricey, rehab-style getaways with all kinds of cush perks that I don't really want and wouldn't care to pay for

I ask because I haven't yet gotten up the guts to form my own, local FTF support group (very embarrassed to admit), and I crave the opportunity to meet and share with others who are on my same path, IRL. I don't have anyone in my life who truly seems to be able to relate to what I'm experiencing (my partner cares, but can't relate, 1st-hand). It occurred to me that maybe there's some kind of informal retreat out there (I'm not even requesting that it be near me)

I briefly thought, "Hmm, maybe, if I were somehow magically really ambitious,  I could try to organize one myself (for certain reasons, that scares me less than the idea of organizing some kind of regularly meeting local support group), but I figured there could be liability issues when a bunch of strangers are meeting for the 1st time, and I'm not good at sticking my neck out, nor would I want to task myself with vetting people or whatever else might be necessary. I don't have the energy. And I'm too much of a catastrophizer....

Anyway, I miss having contact with others through support groups, and am still exploring what might be done about it. Any thoughts welcomed

(I just realized that conferences could be a possibility, too...)


Have you thought about trying some group therapy Saylor? It might give you more opportunity to connect with other survivors in a safe space and perhaps carry that over into a relationship or two outside of the group?


Another idea I just had is starting a video conferencing support group given there are free apps like Skype available nowadays.  It circumvents having to set up a meetup location, liability, safety, etc.  It could be with people from the area you live in. That way it would be local so you could meet people and possibly develop some friendships where you feel comfortable enough to meet up for lunch outside regular meetings.  If you keep it anonymous it would maintain a level of safety until you are ready to reveal your real name (or not).

Just noodling here but it might be a good way of meeting other survivors in a more connected way, but without all the work and risk.


Thank you, Kizzie. Those are good ideas. I'm in now a small town for the first time in several decades, and there are many good things about that kind of lifestyle for me, but one bad thing is fewer opportunities to connect in person.

I'll see if there's anything local in terms of group therapy (my pref would be for more interaction among sufferers and less therapist involvement—I'm still kind of reeling from my last therapy experience—but not sure what the options are). I'm not sure how best to get a Skype community started (maybe by starting a blog?), but I will research that angle, too. It seems that that could be a safe way to try to jump start things, and would be a good compromise among all the factors at play for me. I'm envisioning it would involve setting up time slots for folks to jump on and join in when available and interested. Something to explore, anyway. (If anyone knows about something along those lines that already exists, please let me know.)

Thank you, again!  :)


I'm thinking about starting a VC group here because the F2F CPTSD meeting I went to (the only one in my area unfortunately) did not go well, and was wondering how to get people interested too.  I found the F2F group via MeetUp (, which is for F2F meetings but could be used for setting up a virtual meeting too I think.  I like the idea of doing it in my area because it gives me some time to get to know members and then if there are some I'd like to meet up with F2F I can do so.

One app I use for setting up meetings is Doodle ( - good way to find out the best time for people to meet once you get some interested people.


Saylor, if you do start a video conferencing group, for all locations, I'd like to join.  I wouldn't know where to begin sharing my story in other group settings. I'd just recently decided to spread around. Group support for my codependent behaviors and my su spouse, here for more private and trauma related things, friends for day to day stuff, and so on.   I'm soured on therapy too.  My last 2 therapists have behaved unethically.  I'm now looking for a spiritual advisor, of sorts, interested in nature. 


Since all of the Covid stuff, I am very familiar with online ZOOM meetings- they are easy to set up and attend!
Btw, I really need a support group too!