The Healing Porch2: Rest for Weary Souls

Started by Three Roses, November 27, 2017, 04:15:21 PM

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Three Roses - I love the new look & quote! IT brought a smile just as I really needed one. THANK YOU!  :hug:

Three Roses

Thanks ;)  I got tired of being serious....


Coming here to rest this evening. I miss you all in a way. It will be so good to sit here and feel all the peace you all leave here. To see everyone that is hanging out on the porch as well. I just need a bit of peace after doing some hard things today.

If anyone needs me just let me know  :hug:


Will be here preparing for a T session tomorrow that's going to be hard. I don't know what I'll need. Peace maybe. Or calm.



I want to go research with deep concentration in a tree house somewhere, overlooking the forest greens, and a nice calm stream. A few hidden birds singing a gentle song, and a breeze blowing by from time to time.

Also, this place magically has the internet for me to research things well. Technology and nature. One of my favorite mixes — who says they can't be combined? Sure. Reminds me of programmers who code next to a beach scenery. . . That's . . . that's awesome.


 :) Yes, the blend of Earth and Ethernet is a wonderful combination. Like salty & sweet - just meant to be together.

I'm here for peace and strengthening today. I'll be inside, next to a window, looking out. No, I've changed my mind. I'll take my blankets with me and go walk the beach. Feeling the sand between my toes, the water lap over my feet. I'll feel that wonderful drag of the undertow as the water recoils back into the ocean. I'll watch the sand draw from around my feet as the water pulls it in every direction.

There is my son, up ahead, running towards me, holding some new treasure he simply MUST share with me. How much he makes me feel precious and special! Reminding me of all of you, how I want each of you to feel that same genuine love and honor just for being who you are.

The shell he shows me is beautiful. I smile and share with him how cleaver he is to find it. Confident with my encouraging words, he's off again. I can't help but smile, now. I'm thankful for these years he still runs to me. I know the day is coming when he'll run towards his own destiny and that I might not be in the same direction. That's ok. He'll be around, our bond is strong.

Yes, the porch, the beach, the blankets and all of you have helped me put into perspective what needed adjusting. I am strengthened and at peace. At least for right now.


Somebody in woods sitting near lake. Will go other way. Walking slowly, fell on snow covered curb other day. Was cleaning off car, slipped, went down legs under car, bang knees up under car, landed on arm, protecting ribs.

Maybe go soak in hot springs I found deep in secluded box canyon.


Wow, Andyman, you found hot springs!! :woohoo: I'll have a soak in them later ...

I could do with a bit of time at the porch. I'm enjoying being with you all, sitting peacefully, my mind is at rest. A dog has just come up to sit beside me.  :)


I need to come here tonight. Everything is wearing on me, I have no mental bandwidth anymore. If I could sit curled up in someone's arms, fall apart, and then finally sleep I would. I need to get through the next few weeks and hopefully this will start to come down a little, so too the porch I come.

If anyone is up to a hug I would be forever grateful. If not I am going to curl up in my favorite corner, my oversized chair, a cup of peppermint hot cocoa and a warm blanket of comfort and encouragement. Maybe one for peace, and that magically allows me to release all of this for a moment.

I need warmth and caring more than I ever have before.  : :fallingbricks: :fallingbricks: :fallingbricks:


Hi, Elphanigh ... come by the waterside fire ring tonight...I've spent a good portion of time today splitting wood for a solstice blaze...was going to light it in a couple nights but I heard you speak of needing tonight it is, for whenever you come by.

You spoke of wanting to "release all of this for a moment". However you'd like to observe the moment, you're welcome to the share the fire's warmth tonight, and even more welcome to release not just for a fleeting moment, but for years to come.  :hug:


Thank you so very much. This touches my heart truly. I will come enjoy the fire, campfires or any type of thing like that has always brought me a certain peace and warmth. Not just physically but also mentally/ spiritually as well. I really appreciate you lighting it for me tonight. It means the world to me

I will try to release them, it feels impossible at this point but it is what I need


If I may, just a small suggestion per releasing.

Write out your fears, regrets, people, anything you'd like to release. Then, drop them in the fire.


That's a good idea. I haven't done that in years. Haven't even been able to cry in a few weeks


Quote from: Blueberry on December 19, 2017, 10:08:14 PM
Wow, Andyman, you found hot springs!! :woohoo: I'll have a soak in them later ...

I could do with a bit of time at the porch. I'm enjoying being with you all, sitting peacefully, my mind is at rest. A dog has just come up to sit beside me.  :)

Yeah, easy to get to, but about 30 minutes walk for less able folks. But cloudiness of water tells me it's a mineral hot spring, very soothing on bone weary bodies. Very rejuvenating too.  Can you tell the others? 


Andyman, when I have more energy I will definitely join in. Tonight I am going to rest by the fire. Tomorrow I can do the walk