Emotional physical pain?

Started by marta1234, March 10, 2020, 10:25:25 AM

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Hi, I've been wanting to know if someone has felt the same as I have.
Starting from yesterday, my body has been physically hurting so badly: my brain hurts and my muscles ache a lot. I kind of am freaking out inside because I don't know what's wrong with me.
I've people talk about "emotional physical pain", and I think I've had it, like pain in my stomach. But right now this is too much, it's like my body is in a flare up. Everything hurts.
I just wanted to know if anyone has any advice of what's happening (at this moment doing my own research is just too much).


I'm a big believer in mental/emotional healrh being linked with physical health. If you're feeling down/sad/unhappy it can affect you physically.

I think it can make you more susceptible to infection, and I am sure there is evidence to say it can cause inflammation.

One of the things to consider, and something that I experience is body armouring. Because of the hypervigilance my muscles are constantly tense - almost like a protective armour against perceived attacks.  This has left me exhausted and extremely sore.  I find it difficult to concentrate too.

So, yes  I relate to what you're describing.


Trauma is linked to a number of different conditions/illnesses/diseases unfortunately, one of which is inflammation (https://www.outofthestorm.website/academic-articles/). I often have the same thing when I am triggered/under a lot of emotional stress - big time muscle/body aches as though I have the flu. 

Some things that help me: hot showers/baths, rest/sleep, lots of fluids to wash the toxins out, pain relief and reducing stress as much as possible. 

Hope this helps  :hug:


Thank you Snookie and Kizzie for your replies, I've just been so out of it that trying to find the answers myself was too much.
Thank you for your recommendations Kizzie, I had no idea that inflammation could be a symptom of emotional distress.  :)


I get a lot of flare ups like that too, marta, so you're not alone. I know when I get tonsillitis - fairly frequently - there's a cptsd component to it too. Though sometimes I forget. :doh:

Here's a hopefully pain-reducing hug for us both  :grouphug:


Thank you Blueberry, a hug for you too so you can get better :hug:
I just realized that feeling ill or feeling physically worse is very triggering for me, so I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I felt trapped again and unable to get better.

Thank you all for your kind words. I hadn't really discovered the physical symptoms parts of this forum because I just want to avoid that, but I guess I'll check it out to know more about it.


QuoteI just realized that feeling ill or feeling physically worse is very triggering for me, so I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I felt trapped again and unable to get better.

Those of us who developed CPTSD in childhood are unlikely to have had nurturing, caring parents when we were ill so it's no wonder we're triggered by any health problems/issues. It's a time when children really need others to care/help for them, but instead parents respond in an abusive/negative way or simply neglect/dismiss the child.

Mine had/have NPD and illnesses bought my M attention, my F basically ignored them.  I learned not to fuss, ignore, not acknowledge health problems, much to my detriment unfortunately. Nowadays I give myself the gift of regular checkups, medical and dental, and I don't ignore any potential issues like I used to. All good  :thumbup: