Started by Blueberry, April 03, 2021, 09:20:33 PM

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Wishing all members and all readers a Happy Easter in whatever way is good for you! Maybe just a little bit of joy at a sunbeam or a spring flower or simply feeling safe.   :hug:

Not Alone

Thank you, Blueberry. I also wish you and everyone else a happy Easter.


" ... feeling safe." It can seem so hard to get there, harder even to accept. Can it ever be true? Enough; just a reflection and a hearty greeting for those  who share from their hearts on this forum.

Thank you, all. May our best steps be close on the horizon.



 This looks like Easter eggs giving each other a hug!  :grouphug:  Happy Easter everyone! Go sniff some flowers, feel the sun on your face and eat some chocolate.


I was obviously feeling good at Easter 2 years ago.

Not so now.

***TW*** Lots of negativity and depression

I have eaten chocolate, lots of it and have felt the sun on my face by sticking my head out the window. But I haven't left the house otherwise, taken care of myself in ways that would help me leave the house - the main one would be hair wash and shower. I haven't been to church at all though some parts of me definitely wanted to and although I generally spend most of Easter at church from Thursday till Sunday evening. It 'shouldn't' make such a difference but it does - I've moved. There's no longer a church across the way, I no longer hear the bells 5 mins before the service and can zip out of the house. I didn't even go to choir service.

Although what I have finally done is a little more unpacking in my kitchen which could be construed as part of the new start that is Easter in its religious sense.


Quote from: Blueberry on April 03, 2021, 09:20:33 PMsimply feeling safe.   :hug:


Something I've been doing, especially in bed before falling asleep, is remind myself that I am safe. Also, that I am "home" in my body. That might sound cheesy but it does seem to soothe any lingering heightened tension as well as remind myself that my home is where I'm safe, where I can always come back to or where I always am.