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Recovery Journals / Re: Hope's Journal 2024
February 27, 2024, 03:37:10 PM
hope, i have to say i'm glad those bots are not allowed to do therapy anymore.  that's plain good sense, and ducking out from any liability issues.  as therapists, we're required to have $100,000 worth of liability ins., renewed every year. and we have to pass a test (4 hrs.), work under supervision for a year, and get continuing education to stay updated in the field every year. plus, now that i think of it, the ethics of this is hinky at the least. too many people are unstable which poses a huge risk.  i'm glad you found your first round helpful, tho.

i hope you get some rest and relaxation until that load becomes lighter. i hope you take your time getting thru it all.  love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Eerie Anne's Journal
February 27, 2024, 03:25:24 PM
EA, i hear you.  i've finally put that one class of people under the heading of 'ignorant', as in ignorant as to what might actually be going on, what it means, how it might possibly feel.  i've had many run-ins w/ those people, but have also found some who have tried to understand, have asked me to explain, or have just given comfort cuz they know i'm hurting. the 'ignorants' are the ones who hand out platitudes on a platter thinking it will help, and can't understand why it doesn't. it's too bad. sometimes it's also a struggle for us to understand, and we've gone thru it.  keep taking care of you, ok?  love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Hope's Journal 2024
February 23, 2024, 03:31:03 PM
not to be a debbie downer, hope, but i have reservations about AI stuff. i don't trust it.

if it's helping you, tho, and you don't have reservations, then i'm glad you found it.  i'm a firm believer in 'go with your gut'.

i get the whole hesitancy about therapists. after my move, i don't know that i'll look for a new one.  for one thing, some of my stuff (alexithymia, especially comes to mind) has been unheard of by most T's.  the one i have now took a while to be able to understand it; i can't imagine having to go thru that again.

i know you've relied a lot on self-help and healing books, and i think you've come a very long way, especially about being able to open up, both here and in others' journals.  love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Forging New Paths
February 23, 2024, 03:23:13 PM
blueberry, to my mind, if you think it fits for you, could be helpful, why not sign up?  does re-setting your nervous system make sense to you? do you know what that exactly means? (i'm afraid i don't) i hope he's explained that part to your satisfaction.  the other, more down-to-earth part is finances, if you can afford to lose that money w/o it harming you financially.  i guess i tend to look at things as realistically as possible (when i can) and am passing that on.  hope that's not offensive.

i totally get the idea of being able to relate to one speaker and not another cuz of presence, voice tone, attitude, other intangibles.  go w/ your gut is my unsolicited suggestion.

love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Hope's Journal 2024
February 16, 2024, 05:12:51 PM
i know it's stress for me when i feel hyper, hope. sometimes it's more, other times less, but stress nonetheless.  i hope you get some relief real soon.  being in that space does not feel good.  love and hugs :hug:
i agree w/ armee, bach. hang tough, ok? as long as you still have some pieces, you've got at least a bit of a foundation on which to build.  this stuff is crappy as all get out at times.  right with you, tho.  love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Hope's Journal 2024
February 16, 2024, 03:15:38 AM
you continually inspire me to keep going, hope.  thanks for that.  love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Papa Coco's Recovery Journal
February 16, 2024, 03:10:52 AM
QuoteI also share your sentiments about the healing journey having lots of tools in it, and the people in this forum being an integral part of that.  I also trust the experience and value the sharing that occurs daily in this place.

this is a special place indeed, PC, and glad you're part of it.

i also have those times when i'm distressed w/in myself and can't quite get it together enough to respond to others.  you're not alone. love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Eerie Anne's Journal
February 16, 2024, 03:08:47 AM
EA, i relate to so much of your struggle and just want to let you know that you're not alone.  we can't automatically do what we haven't been taught or shown (like IT stuff, self-soothing, etc.) sending you much love and a big hug filled with care  :bighug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Forging New Paths
February 09, 2024, 03:49:59 PM
i'm with the others on this, blueberry. so sorry for your loss - my heart is with you while you grieve.  love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Papa Coco's Recovery Journal
February 09, 2024, 03:48:24 PM
hey, pc,

the zoom groups sound wonderful and i'm sure they're also very helpful.  good for you for doing this. i'm also glad you set a boundary for yourself - that's always important for us. 

keep up the good work.  and thanks on behalf of everyone. love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Sage's Journal
February 09, 2024, 03:42:54 PM
hey, cf,

i hope your disability news comes soon, and it's positive for you.  my D's came back already, a big, fat, 'no' - basically it said she wasn't disabled enough.  her rep says they'll go for another round of appeals, tho, and she just needs to keep getting med. notations.  dang.

your creative side never ceases to amaze me.  it's wonderful.

so glad you found that 'star trek' series and it's bringing you such joy.  that's wonderful.  my D and i decided that bringing our tv when we move was an absolute must - for mental health reasons!  there's nothing like being able to immerse yourself in a good storyline and characters you care about to take you out of a difficult reality.

keep going, cf.  i think you're doing really well in spite of the down days, etc.  love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: too much
January 17, 2024, 06:32:04 AM
hey, notalone.  yeah, it was a good break from some of my reality. thanks for your support. :hug:

back to 'normal' now. my D is home. it really did feel like a break from our reality cuz i didn't have to discuss finances or difficulties or anything neg. w/ her. that felt good.  i did discover how very stressed i was while she was gone, and i didn't realize it.  mostly cuz we had some terrible weather, downed trees, power outages (not for me, yay!) but a tree fell on the motel where she was staying, no power for 2 days, they were finally able to find a room somewhere else.  i'm just glad her muscle memory kicked in for snowy, icy driving.  still, stressful.

at any rate, right now things are pretty calm.  i'll take it.  who knows what will happen tomorrow? hopefully, more calm, or at least some good news. that would be nice.
notalone, the same thing happened to me w/ the journals, but w/ several members' help i'm also in the new private journal section.  hope to see you there.

good luck w/ the resume.  i can relate to feeling overwhelmed when having to undertake a task like that.  at your own pace, ok?  love and hugs :hug:
Recovery Journals / Re: Forging New Paths
January 17, 2024, 06:21:48 AM
blueberry, i hope you get some relief thru your physio.

by the by, paperwork for me is also a chore, sometimes nearly impossible, always nerve-wracking.  well done on finding a paper you misplaced.  it counts.  love and hugs :hug: