Fibro /cfs

Started by Boatsetsailrose, December 12, 2019, 08:38:50 PM

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Hi there
I'm just been diagnosed with fibro /cfs.
It feels a relief to have diagnosis after yrs of exhaustion which has increased.
I'm working to really love, self care, accept, let go and be.. It feels good.
No one is putting expectations on myself and I don't need to either.
I'm not even majorly striving for how to cure myself at the mo but am getting support in my community and online.
I totally believe this is my bodies way of saying look after you because your important. I'm been such a worker all. My life and now I can be free.
It's taken me a Yr to come to this state of okness.
The body speaks the mind.
I believe as my mind, emotions and self relationship heals more I have every chance of healing physically.
If I'm honest I quite like being unwell stepping out of societies expectations and craziness. It's nice to be out of the rat race.


amen to that!  when i got too sick to do nearly anything, i had to do a lot of work at being ok with NOT doing things.  that was a tough one for me, so i'm glad to see it's a relief for you.  yay!  and, i agree w/ you, that as i do what i need to do to heal, a lot of my body stuff (including fibro) will heal as well.

best to you as you continue not doing everything for everyone all the time!  love and hugs! :hug:


Thank u San
Yes it's a recovering of old ideas and attitudes for sure..
Today ibs symptoms bad and cfs flare up.. Just being OK with resting requires a lot of surrender on my part..
Kind self talk and reassurance