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Started by sanmagic7, August 11, 2022, 02:19:41 PM

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thank you, notalone, for your support and validation.   :hug:

blueberry, i appreciate your support so much. :hug:

yesterday was a crash and burn day, and today i'm out of it.



thanks, armee, for that big hug.  it was soothing and comforting. :hug:

just working on getting thru a day w/ my sanity intact.  my D started working for a delivery service yesterday and she said it went well.  i was napping, but otherwise i'll be going along w/ her.  yesterday i was so wiped out, i could barely function, so i took some meds and went to bed.  it was good. 

we've talked about what we'd do if we have to move.  mainly, we'd leave most everything behind, take our bare essentials.  i know we could move into my house in mex. but it wouldn't be ideal.  the heat.  my D thought of friends who would take us in.  i spent a lot of that day crying, smoking, and eating.  the dam had burst.  even tho i ran away to mex. at 53 w/ no plans, little money, nothing coming in, i never once felt afraid and unsettled like this.


Oh San, it's so scary and I wish you did not have this hanging over your head right now.  :hug:

I'm relieved to hear the delivery service work went OK for D the first day and hope that continues. I bet that extra work will make up the rent increase and then some but it's sad she needs to add this stress. I'm sorry San. Crying sounds right right now. I'll sit here and hold your hand and cry with you.

Not Alone

Quote from: sanmagic7 on March 04, 2023, 05:19:29 PM
  even tho i ran away to mex. at 53 w/ no plans, little money, nothing coming in, i never once felt afraid and unsettled like this.

Different time and different circumstances. My heart feels for you.


I am thinking of you San.



Gentle hugs! Wishing you energy and peace.

Papa Coco


I'm thinking about you often, and about this difficult stressor you're dealing with. I hope the answer to the problem materializes soon, whether it's moving back to Mexico or finding a shared residence somewhere in the US.



thanks, armee, for your compassion. :hug:

notalone, you're absolutely correct.  when i was 53, i didn't care what happened to me except to get away.  now, as you said, totally different situation and circumstances.  thank you for reminding me.  :hug:

blueberry, loved that big hug - i felt it.  thanks. :hug:

CF, thanks.  i'll take them every day.  :hug:

PC, thanks for thinking of me. i know it's good vibes coming my way.  :hug:

well, this is page 25 of my journal, and i've made it a practice to start over at this point.  my next post will be there.  thanks to all of you for everything. :grouphug:  and, onward  . . . .