The Healing Porch2: Rest for Weary Souls

Started by Three Roses, November 27, 2017, 04:15:21 PM

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It might look like a smash up of yoga and ballet, but I love moving just for the sake of moving! I'm out of practice and out of shape, but I'll give it a go.

::: Dancing like nobody is watching :::


I will join in as well! Might look a little odd, but movement would be great  :cheer:


However, wife#2, moving is moving. I often close my eyes which helps me feel safer. Yeah, I know, I know, it's what little tiny kids do. But if it helps, it helps.


I'd join in if I could take someone's hand. What music is playing?


Little bird, you can take mine :hug: I think with this being a magical place the music you hear is exactly what you need/want. I know we are all of varying generations so it is probably different for each of us, but similar enough we can all move along


i got distressing news today, so seeing you all dancing, hearing your music sounds just about right for me tonight.  so glad you're all here.



I am cuddling up and a earthly colourful woolen blanket, and got a cup of hot spiced wine, looking out towards the ocean.
Very open to someone elses company and good conversation.


You know I thought of sitting around reading about the technical physics of why Spiderman couldn't use his webs to save Gwen Stacy from her falling death, but I think dancing could be fun too.

Now watch me take the dance floor with my terrible dance moves. Imagine the dancing moves of a 10 year old high on sugar, and you will get the point.

IM SO COOL. Bwahahhahaha!


The porch is magical, DR. You might just find that your dance moves surprise you.


I haven't been here for a long while.  I'm not exactly sure why.  But I'm glad to be back.  I think I'll climb the tree and just sit there awhile watching the dancing and resting and healing.


been having a lot of dreams lately, disturbing events in my life plus some therapeutic advances, so i think my poor mind just needs a healing break.  this is the best place i know for that.  gonna cozy up in a periwinkle blue blanket - that sounds healing to me.  hot chocolate, rocking chair, steinbeck.  deep breath.  in.  out. 


I'm going to be here today. Curled up infront of the fireplace like a cat or a dog enjoying the heat and ignoring the rest of the world.


Today I need to wrap up in a blanket and drink hot chocolate.  I'm cold!

Three Roses

Wrapping you in the softest, warmest blanket with a perfect cup of hot cocoa.  :hug: