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Started by Hazy111, September 22, 2016, 01:58:52 PM

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Hi,i was directed here from OOTF.

I believe i have quite  a few issues from being raised in a PD family. Mother uBPD Father uNarc. I have narc/borderline/schizoid issues too, or are they fleas. I think PTSD would be normal for someone raised in such a family.

I am 51 year old male and in therapy again. Just liked to say hi and good luck to everyone.

Will look forward to reading the threads and posts and maybe post myself ( of course i will , the narc in me demands it , LOL).

Hope a problem shared and all that.......

Thanks once again

Three Roses

Hello and welcome, Hazy! We're glad you're here. We look forward to hearing more from you. Thanks for joining!


Hi and a warm welcome to OOTS Hazy  :heythere:   Fellow child of a PD FOO here!  I am so so grateful to OOTF for raising awareness about the lasting effects of being raised by someone with a PD.  I'm not quite sure where I would be if I hadn't stumbled across them three years ago.  In any event, glad you found your way here and I hope you find the info and support you need  :hug:

Fen Starshimmer

Hi Hazy,
Nice to meet you. I have just joined too.  :wave:

I think it's going to be good sharing things here. I'm similar age to you - 50 going on 51 (in a couple of weeks).



Hi everyone , thanks for the welcomes.

Im flitting between here and OOTF, where ive just vented about my uNPD  90 year old dad!

I had just seen my therapist and he assures me im not a borderline, as i have too much insight. !! But i have some definite narc traits. Like the sound of my own voice, stuck on transmit, never receive enough!!!

Ive always been aware of my issues and read loads and loads and loads..but it doesnt take away the pain. I think its something we have to learn to cope with and hopefully heal, but the best part of my life is now behind me.

Im interested about these fleas!!

So i hope i can provide some insight and obviously gain from others. Thanks once again