Happy New Years to All

Started by buddy9832, January 01, 2021, 03:38:35 AM

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Hi everyone,

With the New Year here and approaching, I've been spending time reflecting on the dumpster fire that was 2020. Not only are we dealing with one of the most severe pandemics in 100 years, I was certainly faced with many personal challenges as well.

With all the negative, I have been able to find silver linings and fortunately that is with my mental health and my healing journey. January started with me being introduced to the idea that I have PTSD (more appropriately cPTSD) from my T. This was a very hard pill for me to swallow and took time to come around to. After all my brother in law had PTSD, he was blown up by an IED. Though I've had my share of traumatic experiences they've never been on that caliber. Furthermore, I grew up in a loving house where I had a roof over my head, three square meals a day and never left wanting. It took me a while to acknowledge emotional neglect had plagued my childhood.

Fast forward to the spring I hit one of my more low points in my life. My relationship with my wife was on the rocks and I felt completely and utterly alone. Coincidentally, this was the same time I found this forum. I wanted to thank you all for being in my life. You've helped me grow and take positive steps in my journey of healing. Obviously, I have a long road to go. But I finally feel like something is right with my mental health journey and that I have found the right diagnosis. I finally feel like I'm taking positive steps towards healing and accepting myself for who I am.

Thank you for the community and guidance. I sincerely hope to all of you that 2021 treats you better. That you continue on your healing journey and make positive strides. That you and whoever you consider your loved ones remain healthy.

Happy New Year!



Congratulations on finding your path, Buddy! I discovered my CPTSD a couple of years ago after spending my whole life trying to figure out what was wrong with me, and although I too have a long way to go, the explanations provided by that diagnosis have been huge in advancing my healing. This forum is certainly a blessing. I'm glad it's here, and that you're here.

Happy New Year with love to all in here "out of the storm", and best wishes for 2021!


:fireworks: Happy 2021 Buddy, Bach & everyone here at OOTS!  :fireworks:

Sending all of you a big cyber  :bighug: and loads of hope and support for a good year in terms of recovery and happiness.


Happy new year to everyone!
I try not to cave into fear for the future, holding on to the fact that life also contains beauty, great people, happy moments and hope! There is always hope!  :grouphug: