The Healing Porch2: Rest for Weary Souls

Started by Three Roses, November 27, 2017, 04:15:21 PM

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Three Roses

Restful, your presence adds something here. Each one of us adds something unique, something needed, something wonderful to our group.


Restful! You came again! I'm so glad. What I've read of your posts, you have such a gentle way. I'm feeling protective lately, so let me know if I overwhelm.

Enjoy the beverages (alcohol is allowed, nobody is driving away from the porch <wink>), snacks, warm blankets of magical peace, love, hope, courage - whatever you need, wrap yourself in a blanket and feel the emotion you need gently envelope you. We all enjoy being here whether it's to be alone and contemplate or to join the group.

Everyone is encouraged to be their genuine self here. There is no judgment. Well, the moderators do frown on cussing, but just about everything else is fine. If you are a hugger, you will find many like-minded folks who love to give and receive hugs. If you are NOT a hugger, we will respect that as well!

I may not get here to comment every day, nor to welcome others like you to the porch when you first arrive. Please know that all of you are welcome, anyone who comes. We are glad you joined us. Let us know what YOU envision as YOUR perfect healing porch. Being magic, that will be here whenever you return.


I am going to be here this weekend. I am being very socially active and out there because I'm helping my grandparents. I'm hoping that it'll be better for me IRL knowing that I can come back here if only on my head.

I hope everyone enjoys there weekend. (:


I hope that it helps, MeoldieRose. Thank you for the wishes. We'll be here, hoping all goes well with you as well.  :hug:


been busy re-writing, an onerous task, but will be coming here in the evenings for a break.  i'm going to hang out in the cabin, build a fire, and just watch the flames.  anyone is welcome to join me.  hot chocolate all around, cushy rocking chairs, braided rugs.  a black-bellied stove in the corner to make popcorn on.  rest, relax, chatter and chuckles - whatever suits you best. 

i will be allowing ideas to swirl around my mind.


Well, one more day but for tonight I'm going to be at the porch wrapped up in a warm soft fleece blanket in one of the rocking chairs sleeping. I'm exhausted.

For those here, sorry I'm not going to be much for interacting. I'm still here for those that take comfort in others around. No need to be quiet. I'll be sleeping hard and we don't have to worry about waking others here on the porch anyways. ;) haha



I will be here tonight.  Coming to this place utterly and completely exhausted. However, I can't sleep... hoping some peace will come from  sitting in the place tonight.

There's is a wonderful, oversized, soft chair in one corner of the porch for me tonight. It is where I can see the stars and hear the water. I like to envision it as a beautiful shade of blue that induces sleep. I will curl up here with a cup of tea. My blanket is heavy tonight, full of peace and comfort  :hug:


Hey Wife#2, thanks for the reply. I really needed someone to hear me out today. I was nervous no one would acknowledge me. I'll try to give myself a breather, especially seeing that my stress is getting worse these days.

No thinking deeply today. Even with all my intense love for analysis, even a little of it is enough to make me exhausted and more emotionally vulnerable.. I just want to stay inside the porch, have a warm blanket over me and some hot chocolate.

I'd love to go outside, lie down at the sand and just gaze at the night sky the whole time. There's something about it that's calming. Expanding. Spacious. Open. Endless. Powerful.

I think I get it now, at the very least. What it is to feel the outside than to think about it to enjoy it. . .


Decimal, I am glad you can come to this place. I also tend to over analyze everything, so I understand where you are coming from. I can't respond super well because of my current state of being, but know that this place is one you can come to find peace.  I am here if you ever need someone  :hug:

I am coming here to rest. Hoping this place is magical enough that I can at least envision myself without this migraine. It is finally improving enough I can look at screens again, but I will not spend long on here. This is more to just help create a vision of me resting in that chair again, creating a space where this migraine can heal, the less stress my body holds the quicker this thing might go away,

Three Roses

I'm here tonight, too. The night is warm, the stars are out, and the crickets are chirping gently. There are little votive candles illuminating the walkways thru the tall sand grasses and someone in the distance is playing the guitar. I'm going to hang in my hammock that is suspended under my treehouse, anyone's welcome to come by for some conversation or companionable silence.  :cloud9:


Ahh, it's morning in the US. I'm back here at the porch, stretching, yawning and enjoying a lazy mental start to the day. Today, I am warming and folding up the many blankets not currently in use. I'm checking the warm and hot water levels. It feels good to serve. I'm motivating myself here on the porch, so I can carry that into real life and my job. Yes, this is good.


Going to here this evening. I need a place to rest after my therapy session. My inner six year old needs to be comforted as much as adult me does. In this case, I am going to sit on the porch with my blanket full of comfort and reassurance. Little me just wants to curl up and feel safe. For her I am going to do my favorite peppermint cocoa and a coloring book.

I like having people around to be safe, and guarding, but not really to talk right now. Knowing others are close is so good, even hugs are okay but for right now words are very difficult


Hi.  I need a hammock and a quiet place to take a nice long nap.


Coming here during my break. Thankfully I have a few hours before I have to go back. I am honestly stuck in a perpetual state of exhaustion.

I am going to grab a blanket full of comfort and rest, go sit in my favorite chair on the porch. It is big enough I can curl up in it so I feel fully comfortable and safe. It faces the fire place that I believe Wife2 added to the porch for the season. I will drink some decaf tea to create even more warmth and peace.

I can hear others here today and feel the calming, reassuring presence that you all leave in this place. I need that energy, even if I am not getting it irl I can try to soak it up in here.


Does anyone mind if I sleep here? I am quiet, never snore or even sleep talk anymore. I will be in a corner in an oversized chair, just peacefully trying to rest. May not actually sleep but I need it and this place brings peace. I am hoping with that peace and the company that is normally here I might feel safe enough to sleep well. I have only used this place to sleep once before, and someone just kind of sat on the porch to watch over me. Revisiting that image is helping me breathe a bit.